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Pool Care: The Complete Guide on Taking Care of Your Pool




On a scorching summer day, a dive in the swimming pool is a comfortable respite from the searing heat. The crystal blue water not only relaxes your mind but the coolness of the water also revitalizes your senses. As every good thing comes with a price, likewise the serenity and the heaven-like perfection of a pool only exist if you take care of your pool well. Often, performing all the maintenance drudgeries, the blessing of owning a swimming pool may seem more of a burden. However, once you are done, you will get a beautiful pool ready for diving as the reward of your hard work. Actually, pool maintenance is all about the water. You only need to improve the quality of water and maintain cleanliness to make your pool more inviting. The most important part is to understand the aspects that make your pool water ideal for swimming and safe. Measuring the components is done in parts per million (ppm). Poorly maintained pools cause several health issues for the divers. Infections can be prevented by killing the viruses and the harmful bacteria residing in the unhealthy pool water. Skin, hair, sunscreen and other contaminants should be removed. You must also control algae growth since microorganisms can cause various types of infections, even affecting the central nervous system. Human, birds, animals and the environment can all introduce pathogens into the water. For this, the water must be treated or else it may lead to even fatal health complications. Don’t worry. You can easily turn your pool into a refreshing and safe oasis by following the guidelines mentioned in this book. It offers: • Description of different types of backyard pools • Quick assessment to help you choose your type of pool • States the importance of having a well-balanced pool • List of requirements for balancing the pool water • Steps to maintain your swimming pool properly